In a career spanning over two decades, Mariah Carey is known as one of the top "Pop Divas" of the 1990s.

Having sold more than 220 million albums worldwide, Mariah is the Biggest selling female artist of all time, according to the Recording Ind. of America


Her voice spans more than five octaves and she writes most of her own music.



Often compared in looks,   My Tribute show captures the magic,  

 and the experience, which is the closest to the real thing!


 Most importantly, those amazing 'live' high whistle notes,  in all the right places!



The show contains a mix of Mariah's most popular ballads and R&B/dance tracks.


The UK’s No.1#  Mariah Carey  Tribute


Mariah Carey Medley - Mariah Carey covers by Kim Robinson
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"Absolutely amazing, the dog's best assets.  Can't wait to see this show again.

Really great atmosphere!" 

                                                                                                                                         *~ Quote from mariah Carey tribute performance, 07/2014.



Now all of these Hit's are available for you to enjoy,

in one amazing afternoon or evening at your wedding or planned celebration,

 performed by Kim Robinson, a fabulous Tribute act



Songs may vary slightly between shows.

       Almost home ( from the Disney motion picture 'Oz the Great & powerful) 

  • Obsessed                                                                   *  Against all odds

  • It's like that                                                                *  Emotions

  • Dream lover                                                              *  Heart breaker

  • Fantasy                                                                      *  Touch my body                           

  • Honey                                                                         *  Always be my baby

  • Make it happen                                                         *  Get your number

  •  My all                                                                         *  Vision of love

  • Anytime you need a friend                                      *  I'll be there

  • The Art of letting go                                                 *  I can't let go

  • Hero                                                                            *  We belong together

  •  I stay in love                                                             *  Whenever you call

  •  Don't forget about us                                              *  Without you

  • I wanna know what love is                                     

  • When you believe (theme from: Disney's 'Prince of Egypt'- originally a duet with Whitney Houston) 

  • Seasonal Songs:

  • All I want for Christmas

  • Christmas (baby, please come home)                    

  • Santa Claus is coming to town

Why not customise your night!


The Ultimate *Double* Tribute Show:

'Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston'


Songs from Two of the world's greatest female Legends in one night!


'I love this show, singing my favourite songs all night,  what could be better?'